Is stress making you ill?

Stress! It’s everywhere and there is no escaping it.

Countless articles are written about it everyday. It’s been linked to numerous disease processes. It’s the modern plague of our generation.

If you’re wondering what stress is capable of doing to your body just take a look at this list compiled from an article by Dr. Robin Berzin on bodymindgreen:

  1. Early life events determine your set point for stress.
  2. Stress changes gene expression. - The chemicals your body produces when you are under stress turn on or off of genes that change everything from how much fat you store, to how well your immune system works, to how fast you age, to whether or not you will develop cancer.
  3. Stress causes brain damage.
  4. Stress shuts down the immune system and increases inflammation.
  5. Chronic stress damages the energy powerhouses of your body - your mitochondria
    The good news is this damage is reversible over time, as stress goes away. Another reason to get acupuncture. :-)
  6. Stress reduces your ability to metabolize and detoxify.
  7. Your cardiovascular system responds to stress, increasing cardiac output if you have to run away from a tiger.
  8. Stress messes with your sex hormones.
  9. Stress is bad for your bones and muscles.
  10. The gut and stress are intimately intertwined.

The good news is how we interpret stress has a huge impact on our lives.

Stress isn't going to go away but we can learn how to manage it. 

The good news is acupuncture can eliminate stress.

Acupuncture helps detoxify stress from the body. 

I joke that it’s like “induced meditation.” 

Most people feel deeply relaxed after just one treatment. 

Now imagine what it would feel like to wake up fully restored and ready to go.

If stress has started taking a toll on your life, call us at 973-517-6277 to make an appointment.

Your body will thank you.